I am round!

What an odd way to start, I just wanted to make you laugh because what I am about to say might make you cry. You know me, every human knows me, I am what you call “Earth” or “planet Earth”, but I prefer being called Home.

That’s me, where you build your house and what you watch on Discovery Channel, your city and the savannah, it’s all one place. Most humans seem to forget that when they build their nukes and point at the other side of me, it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad, but they are blowing up their home. When blood runs through the golden sand and sinks into me, I feel it; I may seem like a rock floating in space, but I can feel their pain. Humans were once my favorite creatures, but now they are my greatest disappointment.

I remember when they were getting started, building a revolutionary item, calling it a “wheel”; you all have always been so smart! I remember the expeditions into the unknown, drawing maps and giving names to everything you found, but you were so scared when traveling the sea, all about those weird sightings of creatures that looked too big and scary to be real; “hic sunt dracones”

Humans have always been dear to me, don’t get me wrong I pay attention and love all of the creatures I carry on my back, specially the ants; they might be small but they are mighty! Humans are capable of expressing feelings other creatures cannot, such as happiness and love; we all feel it, but humans create art with it. It’s remarkable, and I love to watch them go, adventuring into the unknown, fearless and ready (until they find new dragons to be afraid of!). I can say with all the fire in my center that I am excited to see them visiting my family members around the Solar System, no hard feelings from me, they are too many to carry! I believe in a day where they’ll be able to walk, live, and maybe thrive on Mars.

What scares me is what they might do when they actually get there, because Mars does not deserve to go through what I have to. I did not deserve it either. I offered them oxygen through trees and the algae in the ocean; you’re all intelligent, you know this to be true, still I find more and more humans tearing down chunks of forests to build… I don’t even know what they are building anymore, they just keep going, like it’s their mission to make more paper that they barely even use it anymore. The trees weep and fall thundersley on the dirt I gave them to live. They ask me why, but I don’t know why they must cut so many down, some are older than their precious wheel!

I do not have time to lash my fury over them before the oceans bring my attention to the massacred corals. It’s an emergency, those were painted by the Creator with colors and life no human is capable of recreating. They want more, they dug the oil I have and leaked it into the waters. The sea critters are struggling to breathe, let alone find what to eat! Then they come with nets to collect those dragons from the depth of the waters to fish to feed their ever growing populations, and don’t care about the fact they bring into their boats creatures they cannot eat. Those die scared of the light they are not used to and the air their bodies cannot process. I can do nothing for them, other than avenge their innocent death.

Believe me when I say, I do not forgive and I do not forget!

I feel for the many who pay for the actions of the few who have made me call upon all of nature, to unleash a new found fury into my globe. The seas will boil, and the fish will die, while volcanoes explode melted stone into homes, and the skies punish all with tornados that carry their homes. Yes, I am infuriated by what you, humans have done, but this brings me no pleasure. My revenge will kill life on me, and I’ll be like the other rocks you see through your telescopes and documentaries; lifeless.

I don’t want to be that, but you must take the first step. You must change your ways now, when there’s time to go back to a livable home. I am not disposable because now humans can travel outside of me, there’s no one like me because we were made for each other; humans and their home. Please, don’t be scared of my anger and turn your back on me, save me, protect me, go to your expeditions like before, but let me be your home.




writer of poetry & fiction | spreader of kindness & love | creator of book/posts promotions | good vibes & complaining | cat mom | Malboro smoker | selfie queen

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writer of poetry & fiction | spreader of kindness & love | creator of book/posts promotions | good vibes & complaining | cat mom | Malboro smoker | selfie queen

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